Super Crayons – reusing your tatty old crayons for the powers of good

With three children rapidly growing up around me I have no end of tatty old crayons under the sofa cushions and at the bottom of the pen tray.

I expect most people just chuck these away, I mean, life’s too short, right? But I have an endless need to prove to myself that I am environmentally friendly, due to the guilt that only someone raised by a Greenpeace fanatic can have (it’s like Catholic guilt but with more lentils). So, I save the crayons, and wait for the day when I can reuse them.

Finally, that day came and the children and I embarked on our first crayon reusage experiment…….

STAR WARS CRAYONS – what you need:

MOULD: I have a large number of silicon moulds in various Star Wars shapes which I bought to make confectionary or cakes for my children (and husband) who all looooove Star Wars. These turn out to be perfect for crayon making as they are OK to use in the oven. That is an important point as some moulds will be for ice cubes etc and will not withstand the melting process.

I used these moulds from Amazon. I have to say the detail on them is fantastic.

OLD CRAYONS: These need to have all their paper removed and cut up into small pieces. Quite a therapeutic job but makes a lot of crazy crumb.


COOLING RACK – useful for cooling the underside of the moulds.

FREEZER – I have read that a great way of unmoulding the crayons is to pop the cooled moulds into the freezer but I did ot try this.


Preheat the oven to 220 degrees

Chop up the crayons. I arranged ours into colour groups so I could make a rainbow effect.



Put the crayons you want to melt into the mould. Arrange them carefully and put plenty in as they melt down alot.

Place the mould on a baking tray and pop in the preheated oven.

Leave for 10 minutes. You want the crayons to be all melted but don’t leave for too long as I’m sure they will burn!


Leave the melted crayons to cool in their moulds on a wire rack. Melted wax is VERY hot so please be careful. Depending on the size of the crayon you have made they could take up to a couple of hours to harden.

Once the crayons are cooled, carefully turn them out of the mould. If you are not careful, and you have used a small delicate mould, you might break pieces off. I read that popping the unmoulded crayons in the freezer to harden once cooled was a good idea. Perhaps you might try this. I didn’t so…..

Captain, we are breaking up!

My larger moulded efforts were more successful – and the piece de resistance was a RAINBOW MILLENIUM FALCON. I’m in love. No one is allowed to draw with this!

Rainbow Millenium Falcon Crayon

Happy Melting x


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