Get Outside (even if it’s foul)

Titchfield Haven in Hampshire, great for a stroll

Part of my focus over the past few weeks has been trying to build in more general exercise and movement, for an active healthier lifestyle.

It is not easy if you are used to hiding away at this time of year but I have greatly been enjoying the increased outdoors time. Most of the time the weather seems much less bad once you are out in it, as long as you are appropriately togged up.

Making some new trips, I have been reminded of all the great thinking (and talking out loud to yourself) that you can do on a quick trek outside alone. Walks and outdoor expeditions are also great free activities to do with children; even a walk around the neighbourhood to the local shop is full of interest and it’s a great opportunity to chat together free from the distraction of screens.

Plus, increasing your daily activity by building in walking time is great for stress relief (as long as you put away your phone). That’s as long as you try to look outward. A friend recently observed to me that even when we are out we are often still using that time to make calls. But if you find excuses to look around you, to be still or at least present, you will enjoy the experience of outdoors so much more. Even in the winter it’s great to get outside and experience some open air.

You can  collect neat stuff too. I have a lovely collection of shells that we found on a beach walk last week. It was freezing by the sea but with boots and good hats we all enjoyed our time in the exhilerating wind.

On a week where I was constantly tense and feeling overwhelmed, a few unneccessary stress cobwebs truely swept away.

Good warm coats and wellingtons are required for a proper winter walk








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