Sleep – my next mission

This guy sleeps for England. I envy him

As you may have seen I have recently started on a journey of improved wellness spurred on by the book 52 Small Changes.

This started with a foray into drinking more water which has been going OK although inevitably this cold snap has reduced my desire to drink cold water! Herbal tea is my friend at this point! My next challenge has been suprisingly, challenging…..

Now I am trying to improve my sleep, with an aim to be upstairs at 10 getting ready and in bed by 10.30. However, this is proving more difficult than I thought.

This week I have late to bed because of the following reasons: someone woke up at 10.30pm feeling sick so I went to look for the washing up bowl we use as a ‘sick bowl’, the cat was out and wouldn’t come in, I lost my phone and needed to find it before bed because it’s my alarm clock, someone had a nightmare just before my bedtime, there was interesting TV on, I remembered there was a load in the washing machine that needed hanging, and finally my old nemesis The Internet.

Once in my room, I have made sure the room is warm but not too much so, I am wearing appropriate sleep garments, the lights are dimmed and I have been sipping calming herbal tea whilst perusing a book like an angel. Ahhh, blissful sleep……

I have been woken in the night because of the following reasons: child A just reporting she had not been sick at all, someone else’s nightmare, my nightmare, someone else’s bladder (pounding down the corridor loudly), my bladder (I am drinking 2l a day you know), the cat has got out of the kitchen and is on my bed suddenly, a small person with very cold feet gets into the bed without warning, child B looking into my face to see if I am awake.

I am now.

Parenting is the enemy of wellness.



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