Cute tea pouch tutorial


This post will show you how to sew yourself a simple tea pouch!

Brighten up a dull weekend with this easy project which is perfect for darkest January. Why not surprise a friend or make this as a sweet little Valentine’s project?

Mine is shown with a cute teacup embroidery on it, that you can purchase from my online shop Made By Dolly. However you can also make the tea pouch without the embroidery to showcase a lovely fabric scrap you have, or even design your own embroidered picture.

You will need:

  1. Fabric outer piece 17cm x 9cm (if you are embroidering something do it on the Right Hand Side of the piece before you start!).
  2.  Fabric Lining piece 17cm x 9cm and another for the pocket 17cm by 6cmblogpostcot1
  3. Two ribbons one 17cm long and one 5cm long
  4. A button


First hem the tea pocket. Pin the ribbon to the WS of the pocket piece so the the ribbon edge is just seen above the long edge. Stitch. Turn the ribbon the the RS of the piece, press and stitch again.


Place the tea pocket piece onto the lining piece in final position, and then lie the outer piece on top RS together. Slide the looped 5cm ribbon in as shown in diagram. Pin. Stitch around all sides leaving a 5cm gap in the bottom middle as shown. Clip corners.


Turn the pouch right side out, taking care to poke out the corners. Press, turning in neatly the area which is not stitched. Using a topstitch, sew all around the edge, leaving no gaps.

Sew on the button. Close the pouch and press slightly to make a crease down the centre. Now stitch on this line to make it shut more easily and secure the pockets.


Voila! Add delicious tea for your friend or lover.

You can share your finished projects with me by tweeting to @laylambd #mbdproject

Happy Making x



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